【藝文展訊】台北雙年展 Taipei Biennial 2018 / 在地實驗 ET@T / 漫遊者函集 Flâneur Hanji





一系列以「反控/智」為主題的論壇,從人機互動談起,以個體自主與反控制為核心,再到反思「人工智慧」的機械智能技術等論題。函集將全景直播論壇於ARThon 藝術松學校影音平臺,現場或線上參與者,皆可隨時提問、延伸討論。




Flâneur Hanji, 2018

ET@T is an organization for media and digital art in Taiwan, it devotes its practice to increase the understanding and knowledge of digital texts alongside theories, exhibitions, and performances derived from digital culture.

Logging our physical perceptions into the virtual realm is becoming ever more prevalent; with this, machines are further able to track and comprehend human activity—biological, consumerist, personal, romantic and otherwise—and machine-learning has accelerated. As technology begins to understand and take on human characteristics, the subjectivity of technical objects and therefore their human rights, may need to be rethought.

ET@T believes that robots are sentient beings, capable of subjective perceptions, feelings and experience. Considering a present in which robots increasingly intervene in human communications, and the implications that this holds for the future of our communities, the collective imagines and designs interfaces that can enable and sustain better relationships between technological beings and humankind. Flâneur Hanji is a proposal for a ‘real virtuality’ in a forecasted world where machines possess emotional and spiritual intelligence, and can engage in debates about art and the esoteric. While currently it is human movements that are tracked and transformed into useable, economically-valuable data, in this new era, everything that machines see and hear would be transformed into sustenance for other information systems. 

Projecting into this potential future, ET@T have developed ‘Hanji’, a robot equipped with a 360-degree camera whose observations are live-streamed to ARThon, where it can receive and respond to questions from online and on-site audiences. Following its French namesake which means ‘stroller’, ‘lounger’ or ‘saunterer’, during the exhibition Flâneur Hanji will move gently through the space and observe a series of accompanying discussions. These forums will engage with themes of human-machine interaction, autonomy and artificial intelligence, and the ethics of control in the context of robot sentience.


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